Utah bound

After our trip to Rexburg we headed to Utah to visit his sister Edela and her family since we hadn't been there all year. While they were working we headed to temple and enjoyed the peaceful feelings of ease that it brings. Peyton enjoyed being there as well as Rigg and I. It’s been a few years since we have been and they have added a lot to the visitor center.  We then drove to Mapleton to visit my grandma for only 2 hours, we were in total time crunch. Then we went Robbie’s (Rigg’s nephew and Peyton’s hero) football game. Peyton  kind of likes her cousin Robbie and just thinks the world of him. She yelled and yelled to get his attention while he was playing. He was such a good sport and would turn around and wave to her. We had such a fun busy week between Rexburg and Utah.

Potato harvest

After the 18 hours of no kids we had re enter the world as parents again. We met my parents and girls at a potato field that a farmer had donated for Rexburg for some celebration. Peyton had a blast picking potatos with her cousin and I have to admit I kind of had fun too. It was neat to see out they used to have to harvest back in the day. Rigg was in charge of hauling the sacks to the car. He is such a stud. That afternoon we went to the reception for his cousin, spent some time at his moms and then spent the night at his friends house. I also got to see my friend Heather that I went to high school with. She is also a nurse so we had plenty to talk about. So happy to see her even though it was just a couple hours. We headed to Utah the next morning to visit his sister. IMG_0373IMG_0376IMG_0383IMG_0385IMG_0387IMG_0394IMG_0396IMG_0400IMG_0405IMG_0411IMG_0412IMG_0415IMG_0417IMG_0420IMG_0423IMG_0424IMG_0426IMG_0431IMG_0446IMG_0458IMG_0462IMG_0465IMG_0467